To Do List:

1. Application of Siska OB–> check out from d list
2. flash e-proc (my bos ‘ll kill me -not as extreme like that- if i can’t finish

it this tuesday, perhaps he’ll be pressed by his bos too and then just wait for

the moment he press me.’s better not sleeping this two days.Hhaahh..How

cruel this..)
3. read! SRS portal, groupware, edms
4. read! user Manual admin&user for portal,groupware,edms
5. check application with SRS (where’s my holiday…definitely Monday’s free

will out of d record and I’ll see again thats all korean face in the office.

but..out of that…It’s better than seeing my bos’ face:D)
6. Tuesday, 10th march
–Go to my bos..of course..submit my application (if it already

–Go to 8th floor and submit another application
–10 am user verification for groupware @ Room A, Post Data until …i

don’t know
7. Wednesday, 11th March
–user verification for EDMS
8. Thursday, March 12
–user verification for portal, groupware


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